Early dance education for children that teaches the basics of dance. The classes concentrate on getting to know and to control the body, to conceptualize music and rhythm and dance technique and basic poses in an age appropriate way. The class also includes creative exercises. Pre-ballet gives good acquirements for both classical ballet and contemporary dance in the future.

Child should reach the minimum age by the end of the semester.

5-6 years

Class code Day Time Studio Teacher Duration Age Start date  
19541 Fr17:45MUN1TH45 min5-6 v.16.8.2019
19543 Sa09:30KAMP3MT45 min5-6 v.17.8.2019
19546 Sa10:00LUMOSK45 min5-6 v.17.8.2019
19544 Sa10:30PYLKIC45 min5-6 v.17.8.2019
19545 Sa11:30TIKKTUT45 min5-6 v.17.8.2019
19547 Sa13:15MALGK45 min5-6 v.17.8.2019
19531 Mo16:30KAMP2ED45 min5-6 v.12.8.2019
19533 Mo17:00AURAT45 min5-6 v.12.8.2019
19532 Mo17:00MELLIC45 min5-6 v.12.8.2019
19534 Mo17:30MALWML45 min5-6 v.12.8.2019
19548 Mo18:00KANMV45 min5-6 v.12.8.2019
19536 Tu16:45PITJK45 min5-6 v.13.8.2019
19535 Tu16:45KÄPWML45 min5-6 v.13.8.2019
19537 Tu17:30VIL2NT45 min5-6 v.13.8.2019
19539 Th17:45VIL2HH45 min5-6 v.15.8.2019
19176 Th18:15SANSAP45 min5-6 v.5.9.2019
19542 Fr17:15LEPPAT45 min5-6 v.6.9.2019
19538 Fr17:30KAS2NT45 min5-6 v.16.8.2019

4-5 years

Class code Day Time Studio Teacher Duration Age Start date  
19467 Mo16:30MUN1AP45 min4-5 v.12.8.2019
19213 Tu16:45VIL2NT45 min4-5 v.3.9.2019
19582 We17:45MUN1TH45 min4-5 v.14.8.2019
19551 We17:45OULTUT45 min4-5 v.14.8.2019
19473 Th17:00VIL2HH45 min4-5 v.15.8.2019
19845 Fr16:45PTHTUT45 min4-5 v.16.8.2019
19474 Fr17:00AURGK45 min4-5 v.16.8.2019
19581 Fr17:15MALWML45 min4-5 v.16.8.2019
19475 Fr17:15KAS5JK45 min4-5 v.16.8.2019
19479 Sa09:45PYLKIC45 min4-5 v.17.8.2019
19361 Sa10:00KANAT45 min4-5 v.17.8.2019
19480 Sa10:45TIKKTUT45 min4-5 v.17.8.2019
19180 Sa11:30VIL2ED45 min4-5 v.17.8.2019
19791 Sa14:00VIIKCJ45 min4-5 v.17.8.2019
19478 Sa14:00MALGK45 min4-5 v.17.8.2019
19796 Sa15:15KÄPAP45 min4-5 v.7.9.2019