Days when there are no classes

Sat 3.11.18 All Saint’s Day Tue 1.1.19 New year’s day**
Thu 6.12.18 Independance Day*** Fri 19.4.19 Good Friday
Mon 24.12.18 Christmas eve** Mon 22.4.19 2. Easter Day
Tue 25.12.18 Christmas day** Tue 30.4.19 May Day eve*
Wed 26.12.18  Boxing Day** Wed 1.5.19 May Day***
Mon  31.12.18  New year’s eve* Thu 30.5.19 Ascension Day**

Missed classes on above mentioned holidays (except the ones marked **/***) are compensated to students as make up classes, not as payment refunds.

*= Only classes starting before 6 pm are organized.
** = Classes can not be made up.
*** = Children’s and Youth dance classes can not be made up.

The student can attend a make up class of own choice before or after the compensatible holiday. See Making up classes.