Exercise vouchers/cards

We accept Smartum, Virike and Tyky exercise vouchers, Edenred card and ePassi, SmartumPay and Edenred mobile payments as well as our gift cards.  You can mail the vouchers to the Student Office or pay in person at Lönnrotinkatu 32 A 1.

Exercise vouchers, cards and and mobile payments are not refundable for example in case of class cancellation due to sickness, but these vouchers/cards/payments can be used later on for invoice payments.

 IMPORTANT: The exercise vouchers, cards and mobile payments are personal and to be used only by the employee to whom they have been given. They can not be used to pay for family members’ dance courses.


  • After registration, your invoice will be mailed to you. You can either pay the whole invoice or a part of it by using the vouchers.
  • Separate the vouchers and write your name behind each voucher clearly. This way we can verify the rightful user of the voucher later on.
  • Please send the vouchers and a filled out voucher form (found below) to Helsingin tanssiopisto, Lönnrotinkatu 32 A 1, 00180 Helsinki VOUCHER FORM

SmartumPay, ePASSI & Edenred MOBILE PAYMENTS

You can pay your personal invoice with a mobile payment remotely or at the student office. Mobile payment can not be settled at the dance studios.

  • Make the payment in the mobile app. After confirming the transaction send a picture of the receipt by email to hto@helsingintanssiopisto.fi. In the email, include the invoice number that you wish the payment to be directed to. Please note that if you do not send us the email, your payment will not be directed and the invoice will remain unpaid!
  • Make the payment transaction in the mobile app. Show the receipt to the personnel at the Student office.
  • You can also pay only part of your invoice using exercise vouchers/cards. Make the payment with the instructions above. You can pay the remaining amount as usual using the invoice reference number.