Making up classes

Single absences do not need to be reported to the student office or to the teacher. Students keep record of their absences themselves.

If you are unable to come to your own class, please, take advantage of the right to make up occasional classes which is valid for two months before and after the absence. Only those students that have enrolled for a class have the right to make up classes. The right to make up classes expires if the student has cancelled all classes. Package priced classes and intensive courses do not include the right to make up classes.

The make up class can be corresponding to your regular class, a level lower or another dance style and teacher altogether. If you are new to the dance style, always pick level beginners 1. For example, street dance students can make up classes in house, dancehall or show dance classes. Appropriate make up classes for students of  ballet are for example floor barre, body conditioning and stretching as well as Pilates. Notice that the teacher can not accept students making up classes if as a result the student quota exeeds. The full classes have been marked in the schedule on our website.

Also read about tanssiopisto’s holidays and how to make up classes that fall on those days.

When going to a make up class, fill in and print out a make up slip below (you can find slips also from our studios) and give it to the teacher of the make up class. Keep record of your absences and fill in a make up slip of each absence separately.