The principles of safer space

Dance belongs to everyone.

Everyone is welcome to dance as they are.

We avoid making assumptions about someone else’s identity, gender, sexuality, background or ability to function. We respect what a person wants to tell or not tell about themself.

Every body is unique and valuable.

We don’t comment on each other’s appearance or performance.

The guidance regarding one’s body is always connected to the exercise performed in class. You may also refuse contact.

We create a safer space together.

We encourage each other and make sure that everyone is heard and gets to participate in the activity. If we offend someone, we apologize and learn from our mistakes.

Our teachers are here for you and you are always welcome to ask questions.

In a safer space, it is easier for everyone to learn and enjoy dancing.

We are a discrimination-free area.

Any kind of discriminatory, disturbing or inappropriate behavior or racist, homophobic or transphobic speech is prohibited in all locations of the Helsinki Dance Institute.

If you encounter or witness any of the above, please tell your dance teacher. You can also give feedback via the form or directly to the address