Student performances

Through a lively performance activity, Helsingin tanssiopisto wants to give both children and the youth the possibility to experience dance as a performing art form so that their studies would offer them wider dimensions. The open doors principle and student performances each spring and autumn give families and friends a chance to see the student’s progress. Tanssiopisto tries to give all the teen, youth and children classes a change to show their skills on stage as well. The teacher notifies the students about the performance day and rehersal time once they are settled.

Fall performances by the long curriculum students “Dancing to the winter 2020”

La 14.11.2020 klo 15.00
Su 15.11.2020 klo 15.00
Kulttuuritalo Martinus, Martinlaaksontie 36, 01620 Vantaa
The Parents’ Association organizes rose sales during the performances: purchases by cash/Mobile pay only!

Christmas performances 2020

Pe 11.12.2020 klo 18.30
La 12.12.2020 klo 13.30 ja 17.30
Su 13.12.2020 klo 13.00 ja 17.00
Suomalainen yhteiskoulu SYK (Finnish Coeducational School), Isonnevantie 8, Etelä-Haaga

Tickets: 10 €/7 € children under 12 years
The Parents’ Association organizes a coffee buffet and rose sales during the performances: purchases by cash/Mobile pay only!


Tickets for the performances

SYK performance tickets are reserved and claimed from the student’s own teacher. Children’s classes: max. 2 tickets/student. Extra tickets are reserved and claimed from the Student Office: Ticket Reservation Form.
Martinus performance tickets are sold by

Children under 4 years old do not need a ticket if they sit on their parents’ laps throughout the performance. Performers do not need to buy a ticket. Tanssiopisto does not redeem unused tickets unless the performance is cancelled by tanssiopisto itself.