Instructions for new students


Registration is always for a full school year at a time (Aug-May). The 2023-24 registration is binding and valid until 2nd of June 2024 after you have sent the registration form, unless you cancel your registration according to the education rules.

Fill in the registration form carefully and read the educational rules of Helsingin tanssiopisto before you submit the form. After submitting the registration form you will not receive other confirmation of your registration. Once you have submitted your registration form, you can join the class. Only if the class is already full, the Student Office will contact you.

The invoice for the classes/courses/camps will be sent to you to the address you provided in the registration form. Registration

Participating in a single class

If you want to try out a dance class, do not fill in a registration form but join the class by paying the price of a single class. Settle an online payment in advance and bring the receipt to the class (or show the receipt on your mobile device). Notice, however, that only a binding registration will reserve a place for you in the class. If the class is suitable and you want to continue in it, fill in a binding registration after the class. Notice that the teacher can not accept students making up classes if as a result the student quota exeeds. The full classes have been marked in the schedule on our website.

Single classes are paid in advance to the bank account of Helsingin Tanssiopisto: FI15 1016 3000 7030 60 (BIC: NDEAFIHH). Write “yksittäistunti/single class”, the date of the class and the name or number of the class in the payment’s message field. Prices for single classes

Absences and making up classes

Single absences do not need to be reported to the Student Office or the teacher.

If you are unable to come to your own class, please, take advantage of the right to make up occasional absences which is valid for two months before and after the absence. When you attend a make up class, fill in a make up class form and give it to the teacher.

Read more about making up classes

Changing classes

You can change your class to another class by filling in the form linked below. The class change comes into effect from the beginning of a new period but you can attend your new class already before that by using the right to make up classes.

Read more about changing classes

Cancelling classes

If you want to cancel your class/classes or some of your classes, you must do it in writing via email, letter or with an online cancellation form to the Student Office no later than 14 days before the start of the period to be cancelled. Teachers can not accept cancellation notifications.

Read more about cancelling classes.

Going to the class for the first time

Check the time and venue of your class from the tanssiopisto’s website. Reserve enough time to find the venue, the dressing room and the right studio. Read through the recommendations for equipment in your class from Dance etiquette and equipment page. You can ask for more instructions for choosing the right equipment from the teacher.