Spend summer 2019 dancing!

Summer 2019 program includes weekly classes, camps and intensive courses. Whether you are deepening your education, getting to know a new dance style or beginning your dance studies, you are very welcome to spend the summer dancing with us!

The summer 2019 periods are:

Period 1: 3.6.–7.7.2019 (5 weeks)
Period 2: 8.7.–11.8.2019 (5 weeks)
In the summer you can also enroll for a partial period of your choice.
Registration instructions

Intensive courses

Elementary level courses do not require previous dance studies; Intermediate courses require approx. one year’s  studies in that particular dance style unless otherwise mentioned in the course description. Having finished an elementary course, the student can normally continue studies on the beginner 2 level in that dance style. However, we recommend to check this from the teacher.

Weekly classes

Adult students register for the next level they were in the semester 2018–19, if the teacher doesn’t inform otherwise. Teens register for the same level as in semester 2018–19.

How to read the timetable

Starting from the left column, the timetable tells the number of the class, day of the class, time, venue, teacher’s abbreviated name and the date of the first class. There may be changes in the timetable. The office notifies enrolled students of any changes. (NB: Remember to inform the office of any changes in your contact information as soon as possible.)

There are no classes on Midsummer’s eve Fri 21.6.2019. Midsummer eve’s ballet classes are held Sat 15.6.2019.


BEGINNER 1                                 beginners
BEGINNER 2                                 minimum of one season’s/summer’s intensive classes completed
INTERMEDIATE 1                        approx. 2–4 years of studies completed
INTERMEDIATE 2                        approx. 3–6 years of studies completed
INTERMEDIATE 3                        more than three years of intense studies completed
ADVANCED                                   advanced level students

A summer 2019 intensive course of own choice will be raffled among those having enrolled for a class, intensive course or a camp by 6th May 2019.