Dance etiquette and equipment

When going to class, dress up appropriately and tie your long hair back. Watches and jewelry should be removed and cell phones should be on silent. No chewing gum allowed. Arrive to class on time. Go to the bathroom before the class and wash your hands. Take with you to the class a water bottle and your valuables in a bag. Be a sport towards your class mates.  Teacher  is not obligated to supervise students before or after the class or accept a belated student to enter the class due to the risk of injuries.

Baby-adult dance

Baby carrier, blancet, baby basket.

Dance play, Creative dance, Dance acrobatics, Boys dance tricksters

A dance outfit or shorts and a snug T-shirt. Bare feet.

Classical ballet

Pre-Ballet: A dance outfit, bare feet.

Youth classes: Girls in the beginner 1 and 2 classes, a pink sleeveless leotard (no tulle); in other classes the teacher will designate the leotard color. No legwarmers in class. Soft ballet shoes (powder-coloured), with elastics (no ribbons), white ankle socks. NB: When buying the dance shoes, do not allow for growth space but make sure that the shoe fits perfectly in order for the teacher to be able to see the foot clearly.

Teens: A sleeveless leotard (teacher designates the colour), soft ballet shoes.

Boys: A white t- shirt, black tights, soft ballet shoes (black ) and white socks

Adults: A dance outfit, soft ballet shoes (from dance supply stores).

Contemporary, Show/Jazz, Broadway styles

Youth and teen classes:
Girls: preferably a sleeveless, single solid color leotard (no frills) or a top and leggins
Boys: black tights or shorts and a t- shirt/top
Adults: a snug dance outfit
Modern: bare feet. Jazz and Boradway styles: bare feet or jazz shoes


Flamenco shoes (from dance supply stores) or leather sole shoes with a 4-5 cm heel. Make sure that no nails are visible. A long skirt with a wide hem for women. Ask for advice from the teacher during first class.

Tap dance and Irish dance

A comfortable dance outfit. Tap shoes (form dance supply store). A shoemaker can also attach the hardware on to leather sole shoes with a 2-3 cm heel. The Irish dance part is danced wearing socks/jazz- or ballet shoes and tap shoes.

Oriental dance, Afro and Modern afro

A loose outfit or tights. Bare feet. For oriental dance, a scarf to wear around the hips.

Character dance

Character shoes (boots for men), a knee-high skirt and a fitted top part for women; fitted trousers/tights for men.


A comfortable dance outfit. Socks/bare feet or sneakers with white soles.

Show dance, Lunch jamming, Reggaeton, Dance hall, Latino street, Urban afrobeats

A comfortable dance outfit. Sneakers with white soles. Show dance with bare feet/socks or jazz shoes. Latino groove with high heel shoes for women.

Street dance, Break dance, House

A comfortable sweatsuit and sneakers with white soles.


A comfortable outfit. Sneakers or aerobic shoes with white soles. Yoga and pilates: bare feet.