Prices 2022-23

Lessons are 30 min/ 45 min/ 60 min/ 75 min / 90 min/ 120 min long including the change of the groups, taking the attendance and possible actions caused by the corona situation.


Classes45 min60 min75 min90 min120 min
1 class/wk46 €53 €60 €64 €70 €
2 classes/wk+31 €+39 €+41 €+45 €
3 classes/wk+29 €+34 €+36 €+39 €
4 classes/wk+27 €+32 €+34 €+37 €
5 classes/wk+32 €+34 €+37 €
6 classes/wk+32 €+34 €+37 €

30min repertoire classes 22816 and 22850 period price is 20 € for one weekly class and 40 € for two weekly classes.

Prices are for 4 week long periods. (Periods 3 and 6 are five weeks long.) For example, if you join two 60-min classes per week, the price for 4 weeks is 53+39=92 €.  If you join one 90-min class per week and two 60-min classes, the price for 4 weeks is 64+39+34=137 €.  The total price is calculated starting from the most expensive class.


The following price list is for students who pay for the whole semester’s classes all at once. The autumn season (21 weeks) and spring season (21 weeks) are billed separately. Semester price includes a 10 % discount but no cancellation right in the middle of the semester. Semester price must be requested no later than 5 weeks from the beginning of the autumn or spring semester.

Classes45 min60 min75 min90 min120 min
1 class/wk217,35 €250,43 €283,50 €302,40 €330,75 €
2 class/wk+146,48 €+184,28 €+193,73 €+212,63 €
3 class/wk+137,03 €+160,65 €+170,10 €+184,28 €

30min repertoire classes 22816 and 22850 period price is 20 € for one weekly class and 40 € for two weekly classes.


Single classes are paid in advance to the bank account of Helsingin tanssiopisto: FI15 1016 3000 7030 60 (BIC: NDEAFIHH). Write “single class”, the date of the class and the name or number of the class in the payment’s message field. Please, bring the receipt to the class (or show the receipt on your mobile device).

Do not fill in a registration form for single classes.

Price8 €14 €17 €19 €20 €


Classes of any length:
4 weeks               200 €
5 weeks               250 €
21 weeks             900 € (incl. semester discount)

You can either choose the unlimited training right for teaching periods or the whole semester. When you wish to register with unlimited training right, please write ”Unlimited” in the Other discount – field.

With unlimited training right you can participate in classes of all lengths. Please register only in those classes you regularly participate in. In addition to these, you can visit other classes which have free places. In this case ask the teacher to write your name on the attendance list.

Discounts do not apply to the prices of unlimited training right. Unlimited training right does not include the right to make up missed classes or intensive courses. You also cannot register for classes which overlap. If the student is absent for four consecutive classes, Helsingin tanssiopisto has the right to cancel a student’s participation for the class in question.


Invoices are sent to home by post after registration.

The prices for the weekly classes and intensive courses in the summer can be found at our summer pages.