The 2024-25 season’s program is published on tanssiopisto’s website in the beginning of June. Registration is always for a full school year at a time. Once you have sent the registration form, the registration is binding. You are automatically registered until the end of the school year (1.6.2025) unless you have cancelled your registration according to the education rules.

Registration form is used for enroll into classes in the winter and summer season, for intensive courses and camps. After submitting the registration form you will not receive other confirmation of your registration. Once you have submitted your registration form, you can join the class. Only if the class is already full, the Student Office will contact you.

If you participate in a single class, do not fill in the registration form. Single classes are paid in advance to the bank account of Helsingin tanssiopisto: FI15 1016 3000 7030 60 (BIC: NDEAFIHH) Please, bring the receipt to the class (or show the receipt on your mobile device).

There may be changes in the timetable. The office notifies enrolled students of any changes. (NB: Remember to inform the office of any changes in your contact information as soon as possible.)

Remember to register for a suitable class age- and level-wise.

Helsingin tanssiopisto offers basic and advanced education in the arts. Teaching advances yearly and the teacher assigns the student’s level for the new season. A student may, however, study on a same level for a few years. The teacher has the right to move the student into an appropriate level even during a semester.

BEGINNER 1 beginners
BEGINNER 2 minimum of one season’s/summer’s intensive classes completed
INTERMEDIATE 1 approx. 2–4 years of studies completed
INTERMEDIATE 2 approx. 3–6 years of studies completed
INTERMEDIATE 3 more than four years of intense studies completed
INTERMEDIATE 4 youth classes: more than five years of intense studies completed
ADVANCED advanced level students
ADVANCED/PROFESSIONALS advanced level students/ Professional dancers

We recommend minimum of 2 classes per week in order to achieve sufficient muscle power, mobility and coordination. This way teachers are able to design meaningful, varied and challenging higher level classes that please everyone.