Auditions 2024-25

A test dance means participating in a dance class, where the teacher evaluates the students’ skills in different areas, and based on what they see, chooses the students. In the test dance, attention is paid to e.g. dance technique, musicality, expression, mobility, teamwork skills and understanding of wholes. There’s no need to be nervous about taking part in a sample class – there’s always a positive atmosphere and a good mood at the events!

The purpose of the intensive and small group activities of Helsingin tanssiopisto is to offer students the opportunity to deepen their skills, to perform actively and perhaps even orient themselves in a professional direction. The intensive groups give talented children and young people the opportunity to learn more about dance as a living art form, as lively performance is a central part of the teaching. Studying in an intensive group requires precision and the ability to do more demanding repetitions than in regular classes. In intensive groups, the main focus of learning is on basic art education, and classes in other dance forms are a very important part of a young person’s development. The group quickly forms a tight and safe environment that supports learning, where many friendships are born.

Special education has a long tradition at Helsingin tanssiopisto. It started already in 1972 targeting older students and from 1974 the focus shifted to children. Quite a few special education students have continued their studies at the universities of the field or have entered the profession directly. The teaching is class-based and follows the broadest curriculum of basic dance education, providing preparation for professional postgraduate studies.

For the first six years, the dance technical major is classical ballet and the complementary major is contemporary dance. Weekly teaching sessions increase every year. Later, it is also possible to choose a program focusing on contemporary dance.

In addition, the training includes other dance techniques such as tap, character dance, afro, peripheral awareness and, as an essential part, performance training. The teachers of the summer camps are visitors from both Finland and abroad, and the program also includes numerous performances at various dance events.