Periods and cancellation dates

Registration is always for a full school year at a time. Once you have sent the registration form, the registration is binding and valid until 31st of May 2020, unless it is cancelled according to the education rules.

A cancellation must always be made in a written form to the Student Office no later than 14 days prior to the start of the period to be cancelled.


Classes cancelled due to the corona situation will be compensated for our students. We kindly ask students to pay the bill for period 8 as normal. We are still waiting for Finnish National Agency of Education to give out guidelines how to deal with, for example, possible compensations of cancelled classes, and we will inform all of our students on this issue as soon as we are able. At the moment, student office cannot answer questions related to student fees. If the classes cannot be continued in period 9 (6.4.-3.5.) or period 10 (4.5.-31.5.), no bills will be sent for the students who pay by period. Students do not have to cancel those classes that have been cancelled by Helsingin tanssiopisto.


The last cancellation days during the semester 2019−20:

Period Dates Last cancellation day Week Semester.
1 12.8.–8.9.2019 11.8.2019 4 fall
2 9.9.–6.10.2019 26.8.2019 4 fall
3 7.10.–10.11.2019 23.9.2019 5 fall
4 11.11.–8.12.2019 28.10.2019 4 fall
5 9.12.19–5.1.20 25.11.2019 4 fall
6 6.1.–9.2.2020 27.12.2019 5 spring
7 10.2.–8.3.2020 27.1.2020 4 spring
8 9.3.–5.4.2020 24.2.2020 4 spring
9 6.4.–3.5.2020 23.3.2020 4 spring
10 4.5.–31.5.2020 20.4.2020 4 spring

NB: If you pay by periods, notice that each invoice has a different reference number. The summer season starts on 1.6.2020. You must enroll for summer separately. The registration for the semester 2019–20 ends automatically when the summer season 2020 starts.