Welcome to fall 2023 jazz collective! This jazz collective trains once a week, working towards a 20-minute performance. The course will take place between September 13th and November 8th 2023.

The class begins with a thorough warm up, getting familiar with jazz techniques with a focus on pelvic placement, plié-work and other exercises characteristic to jazz dance. The class draws from all jazz dance traditions, such as the Mattox technique, theatre jazz and lyrical jazz.

For the rest of the class the group will get to know Wilma-Emilia’s repertoire, based on which a group performance will be created, wherein the personal strengths of each dancer will be brought to light. The jazz collective aims to perform and enjoy working together.

Participating in the group requires intermediates 1-level experience in jazz dance, contemporary dance, show dance or ballet. In addition, the student must have at least one other class with Helsinki dance institute. The jazz collective is aimed at adult students or aspiring professionals, to deepen their relationship with dance by performing in a longer performance of about 20 minutes. The jazz collective does not aim to compete, but to make independent dance art in a group.

From level Intermediates 1

Class code Day Time Studio Teacher Duration Age Start date  
23892 We18:00LEI6WK90 min13.9.2023