A playful way to get to know the basics of dance and working in a group, with a partner and alone. Learning to conceptualize shape, space, music and rhythm. Along with the exercises for the motor skills the classes include a creative part that leads the children to search and find the possibilities in their own bodies.

Children participate without parents. Child should reach the minimum age by the end of semester.

3-4 years

Class code Day Time Studio Teacher Duration Age Start date  
23732 Mo17:00VUOSMR45 min3-4 v.14.8.2023
23210 Mo17:15MALJJU45 min3-4 v.14.8.2023
23543 Mo17:15LEI8VL45 min3-4 v.14.8.2023
23386 Mo17:30KAS2HYT45 min3-4 v.14.8.2023
23384 Tu17:00KÄPNN45 min3-4 v.15.8.2023
23536 Tu17:10KAMP3AT45 min3-4 v.15.8.2023
23224 We17:30SANSGK45 min3-4 v.6.9.2023
23202 Th17:00OULAT45 min3-4 v.17.8.2023
23544 Th17:00HUOJJU45 min3-4 v.17.8.2023
23212 Fr16:45MUN1TH45 min3-4 v.18.8.2023
23182 Fr17:00AURPH45 min3-4 v.18.8.2023
23567 Fr17:30MAALGK45 min3-4 v.18.8.2023
23487 Sa09:45KAS2TH45 min3-4 v.19.8.2023
23197 Sa10:00KANAT45 min3-4 v.19.8.2023
23817 Sa10:00LUMOKB45 min3-4 v.26.8.2023
23417 Sa10:45LEI8EL45 min3-4 v.19.8.2023

4-5 years

Class code Day Time Studio Teacher Duration Age Start date  
23471 Mo17:00KAS4TRA45 min4-5 v.14.8.2023
23472 Tu16:45HUOVL45 min4-5 v.15.8.2023
23475 We17:30LEI6MAK45 min4-5 v.16.8.2023
23473 We17:45KAMP2HYT45 min4-5 v.16.8.2023
23478 Fr17:00HERTHHU45 min4-5 v.18.8.2023
23480 Fr17:00TIKKTS45 min4-5 v.18.8.2023
23479 Fr17:30MUN1TH45 min4-5 v.18.8.2023
23484 Sa10:00LEI8EL45 min4-5 v.19.8.2023
23482 Sa10:15KÄPHYT45 min4-5 v.19.8.2023
23483 Sa10:45KANAT45 min4-5 v.19.8.2023
23486 Su10:30KAMP3NI45 min4-5 v.20.8.2023