Register description

Name of the register

The personal information register of Helsingin tanssiopisto’s course managing program.

Controller and person in charge of the register

Helsingin tanssiopisto upheld by the supporters’ association Modernin tanssin kannatusyhdistys ry.
Person in charge of the register is Leila Sillantaka,
Purpose of the register

Helsingin tanssiopisto’s student and marketing register is used in confidential student matters, notifying, invoicing and marketing of Helsingin tanssiopisto.

Contents of the register
Only necessary information for handling student matters is registered.

– Name
– Student history
– Date of birth (obligatory for purposes of identification, writing school reports and invoicing)
– Address (for mailing purposes)
– Phone number (obligatory for purposes of notifying course changes)
– Email address (for purposes of notifying course changes)
Register protection and transfer of data

The matters of the register are handled by the personnel of the Student Office and Production Office.

The use of the course management program that handles the register matters requires a user name and personal password. The right to use the course management program has been granted by the principal of Tanssiopisto to each person. The data in the register is not given to any third-party except in the matters of debt collecting. Registered customers have the right to inspect the data concerning them that has been recorded in the register and correct it. The data is kept as long as it is relevant, unless otherwise dictated by personal register law.