Dance carousel

Joyful Dance carousel day camps for 8-11 year-olds (Mon-Thu). The camps consist of ballet, contemporary, improvisation, dance composition, showdance, tap dance/dance acrobatics and also a little stretching, games and joyous togetherness. (You can lend tap shoes from tanssiopisto if needed.) All children from 8 to 11 year olds with previous experience in some dance style can participate.

You can bring your child to the camp venue already at 8.30 (the classes start at 9.00) and pick them up by 17.00 (the classes end at 16.15).

Camp fee: 195 € (includes lunch)

Summer holiday 2023 dance carousels

First June camp 5.6.–8.6.2023

Studio: LEI
Course number: 23155
Course fee: 195,00 € (includes lunch)

Second June camp 12.6.–15.6.2023

Studio: LEI
Course number: 23156
Course fee: 195,00 € (includes lunch)

Teachers on both June camps: 

Carola Jäderholm: ballet
Tiia Hämäläinen: contemporary
Jonna Junnila: show dance
Ann-Sofi Kyrklund-Ramirez: tapdance

August camp  31.7.–3.8.2023 

Studio: LEI
Course number: 23157
Course fee: 195,00 € (includes lunch)

Phet Haanpää: ballet
Taija Sipola: contemporary
Venla Lehto: show dance & dance acro

Studio information here.