Contemporary and jazz city camp for adults and teens 27.6.–1.7.2022

Spend a summer week dancing! The program of this versatile city camp includes contemporary dance, jazz dance, improvisation, pilates and body care.

Who is this camp for?

Contemporary and jazz day camp for adults and teens from 14 years requires at least two years of dance experience.

Camp program

Camp is held in KAMP studios from June 27th to July 1st at 9.15–16.45.

Daily program
at 9.15–10.15 Pilates, Teacher Mika Lehto, KAMP2
15 min tauko
at 10.30–12.00 Jazz dance, Teacher Riikka Helander, KAMP1
at 12.00–13.00 Lunch break (There are several restaurants close to the camp venue. Students may also use the fridge and microwave oven at the venue.)
at 13.00–14.30 Contemporary, Teacher Adalmiina Toivola, KAMP1
15 min tauko
at 14.45–16.15 Dance improvisation, Teacher Adalmiina Toivola, KAMP1
at 16.15–16.45 Body conditioning/ stretching, Teacher Adalmiina Toivola, KAMP1

What to bring

In addition to comfortable dance clothing, it is a good idea to have your own yoga / exercise mat with you.

Info for registration

Course number: 22116
Camp fee: 240 €
Register by Wed 15.6.2022. Availability can still be requested after the last day of registration. The camp will be held if there are a minimum of ten participants.