Tap dance

Tap dance developed alongside jazz music as a fusion of African and European dance. It has always followed the music of its own era, and the movements have developed, but the tradition is still present too. At the intensive course we learn a short dance choreography every week. The course is also suitable for people with previous studies in tap dance. The teacher gives additional challenges to more experienced students. Advanced steppers can also choose to participate for the last week only, for example, if they wish to do so. During the lessons we dance to jazz-, musical and contemporary music.

Beginner course 7.6.–23.6.2022 (3 weeks)

Teacher: Ann-Sofi Kyrklund-Ramirez
Course number.: 22095
Lessons: ma, ti, ke, to klo 17.45-19.00
Studio: LEI 3
Price: 123,75 €