Dance play 3–4 y.

A playful way to get to know the basics of dance and to work in a group, with a partner and alone. Learning to conceptualize shape, space, music and rhythm. Along with exercises for the motor skill the classes include a creative part that helps children to search and find possibilities in their own bodies.

3.6.–13.6. (2 weeks)

Teacher: Elli Laukkanen
Course number: 24103
Classes: Mon, Wed, Thu 17.15–18.00 (45 min)
Studio: KÄP
Course fee: 64,80 €

3.6.–19.6. (3 weeks)

Teacher: Hanna Haartemo
Course number: 24068
Classes: 1st & 2nd weeks: Mon, Wed, Thu; 3rd week: Mon, Tue, Wed 17.45–18.30 (45 min)
Studio: KAMP3
Course fee: 97,20 €

29.7.–8.8. (2 weeks)

Teacher: Phet Haanpää
Course number: 24069
Classes: Mon, Tue, Thu 17.15–18.00 (45 min.)
Studio: KAMP2
Course fee: 64,80 €