Twerking is one of the hottest dance styles today and no wonder, it’s fun, physical and empowering! Twerk originates from Afro-Caribbean dance styles and has been a part of the Afro-American rap and hip hop culture. Today’s twerk is a fusion where movements from other dance styles get blended into the twerk choreographies. Twerk focuses on controlling the lower body, moving the hips and on different techniques of shaking and popping the buttocks. The classes consist of practicing different twerking techniques and learning choreographies.  Some of the movements are done on the floor and wearing knee-pads is recommended!

Open level 7.6.–18.6.2021 (2 week)

Teacher: Miittu Lehvävirta
Course number: 21119
Classes: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri at 17.30–18.30
Studio: VIL1
Course fee: 100 €