Street dance combo

Discover four different types of street dance in two weeks! This beginners’ course is for youth and teenagers. It will introduce you to street dance, house, popping and break dance. From June 14th to 16th teaching is in English.

Youth Beginners 10-14 years course 5.6.–16.6.2023 (2 weeks)

For ages 10–14
Teachers: Venla Lehto 5.–7.6. (hip hop, 3 days)
Anniina Ala-Mattinen 8.–9.6. (house, 2 days)

Petra Kinnunen 12.–13.6. (popping, 2 days)
Roman Tinovskyi-Hibalov 14.6.–16.6. (break dance, 3 days
Course number: 23135
Classes: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri at 13.15–14.15
Studio: KAMP2
Course fee: 112 €