Sabar dance

The course is an introduction to the dance tradition of Sabar from western Africa. Sabar is a traditional dance from Senegal that continues to prosper today. The course consists of the basic steps, rhythm and movement language of the dance. Various step patterns, jumps and large movements are characteristic to Sabar. At the end of the class a short dance phrase is formed based on the learned material. Sabar is danced to sabar drums. The class is accompanied by a professional Senegalese percussionist Babacar Faye. NOVELTY!

Elementary course 29.7.–9.8.2019 (2 weeks)

Teacher:  Henna Räty-Faye
Course number: 19163
Classes: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri at 18.15–19.30
Studio: VIL1
Course fee: 120 €

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