House Freestyle is suitable for everyone who likes freestyle dancing and improvisation. We mostly dance to house music with different sub-genres such as such as jazz, afro, deep, minimalist and latin.
At these classes you will relax and lose yourself to the rhythm. Your dance techniques, expression and the ability to move to music will improve.
At the classes everyone moves according to their own skill level while listening to their body. Therefore, the classes are suitable for all dancers from beginners to advanced level.

Anniina strives to help the group create good team spirit and to create a safe and relaxed atmosphere.
Come as you are and enjoy the party!

Open level 6.6.–24.6.2022 (3 weeks)

Teacher: Anniina Ala-Mattinen
Course number.: 22162
Classes: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu at 20.15–21.15
Studio: KAS1
Course fee: 120 €