In heels class, you will learn to dance confidently in high heels. In Wilma-Emilia’s course, you learn to walk, move and pose like a dance pro. The class starts with a warm-up focused on dance technique. Different sets of steps, poses and choreographic exercises danced with hair down are practiced. The classes also encourage improvisation and the search for your own sensual movement language. In the course, choreography for high heels from Wilma-Emilia’s dynamic repertoire is practiced. (Participating in the class does not require previous experience of working with high heels, but previous knowledge of dance technique in ballet, show dance or jazz dance is important).

Open intermediate level 12.6.–16.6.2023 (1 week) 

Teacher: Wilma-Emilia Kuosa
Course number: 23176
Classes: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri at 18.30–20.00
Studio: LEI 6 
Course fee: 77,50 €