Summer prices 2022

The prices for camps and intensive courses can be found at each course’s introduction page.

Weekly classes:

Period prices

Prices are for 5 week long periods. (Summer period 2 is 6 weeks and the price is 20 % higher.) You can also enroll for a partial period.

Classes60 min75 min90 min
1 time/week65 €72,5 €77,5 €
2 times/week+47,5 €+50 €+55 €
3 times/week+41,25 €+43,75 €+47,5 €
4 times/week+38,75€+41,25 €+45 €
5 times/week+38,75 €+41,25 €+45 €
6 times/week+38,75 €+41,25 €+45 €

For example, if you join two 60-min classes per week, the price for 5 weeks is 65 +47,5= 112,5 €. If you join one 90-min class per week and two 60-min classes, the price for 5 weeks is 77,5+47,5+41,25= 166,25 €. The total price is calculated starting from the most expencive class.

30 min repertoire/point classes

á 8,00 €/30 min (no period/semester discounts). Point classes are in programme only 4 weeks: 7.–30.6.2021.

Single classes

60 min75 min90 min
Prize:17 €19 €20 €

Single classes are paid in advance to the bank account of Helsingin Tanssiopisto: FI15 1016 3000 7030 60 (BIC: NDEAFIHH). Please, bring the receipt to the class (or show the receipt on your mobile device).

Semester prices

Classes60 min75 min90 min
1 time/week117 €130,5€139,5 €
2 times/week+85,5 €+90 €+99€
3 times/week+74,25 €+78,75 €+85,5 €

Summer semester is 10 weeks. Semester price includes a 10 % discount but no cancellation right in the middle of the semester.

Package prices

There is an unlimited right to train during a period. Once the period has ended, there is no right to make up classes. Package prices can include only one intensive course at a time. Package prices do not include visiting instructors’ courses or camps. 10 week package price includes a semester discount.

Package price for 5 weeks:  243,75 €
Package price for 10 weeks: 438,75 €


Those who pay by period receive their invoices before each period at issue and for those who pay the whole semester at once the invoices are sent before the beginning of the summer season.


  • Semester discount, incl. both summer periods -10 %. (No cancellation right in the middle of the summer season.)
  • Family discount (for family members from the second person) -10 %.
  • Group discount (min. of 10 persons) -10%
  • Discount for students having studied at Helsingin Tanssiopisto min. of 10 years non-stop. (Has to be applied for in writing.) -10%
  • Dance professionals -10%

Maximum combined discount is 20%. Discounts do not apply to intensive courses, camps or package prices. However, a semester discount is granted for package prices.

  • Intensive course discount is given for the second and third simultaneous intensive course. (Does not apply to guest teachers’ courses 22169 and 22091.) -15%

Exercise vouchers

Instructions for paying with vouchers here.