Corona bulletin for students



We entreat that all students and families follow the given instructions and requirements. Thank you!

  • The guardians can escort children and youth to the studios, but they they cannot wait inside during the class.
  • The students should arrive to class just before it starts and leave promptly after class and avoid spending time at our premises. Please, keep a safe distance to others and avoid crowds at the doors.
  • We hope that as many students as possible will come to class already in their training outfit and hair tied, to avoid crowding the dressing rooms. Overgarments can be brought in the class.
  • Students over the age of 14 and parents taking children to the classes are obligated to use face masks, unless they have a medical condition which prevents the use of face mask. We strongly recommend that also students over the age of 11 use face masks
  • Face mask is mandatory in common areas and changing rooms. We recommend using the face mask during class, if it can be worn safely.
  • You may attend class only if you are entirely healthy. Also, do not come to class if there is a strong suspicion that your family member has a coronavirus infection, or you have been exposed to coronavirus
  • Wash your hands with soap, when you arrive at the Tanssiopisto premises as well as after the lesson. We recommend that students carry with them their own hand sanitizer, even if we have hand sanitizer available at our studios.
  • Teachers plan the dance classes to avoid unnecessary physical contact between the student and teachers as well as between students. If necessary, exercises are done in smaller groups while the rest of the class waits by the walls.
  • Teachers clean the surfaces between classes, and this might delay the start of class by a few minutes.


During past seasons it has not been possible to make up absences in the studio classes. Due to the continuing restrictions the right to make up classes has now automatically been continued until the end of year 2021 for all students. This means both classes of 2020-2021 semester and the cancelled classes last spring between 13.3.-5.4.2020.