In boys’ prep contemporary dance class we will learn body awareness and control, conceptualisation of music and rhythm and dance technique in an age appropriate way. Boys’ energy and their unruly imagination give the class extra boost. In addition to the dance technique, the lively classes entail acrobatics, creative exercises as well as different kinds of games that support the learning. In the class boys will learn things about body maintenance such as strengthening of muscles, suppleness and balance. The aim of the class is to create a fun studying environment and an encouraging atmosphere where also others are taken into consideration. You don’t have to be afraid of making mistakes in these classes.

During the season, boys will also produce a dance performance for the Institute’s showing. For many this is the highlight of the year and this comes out as an amazing energy on stage and as great vibes after the performance. Many talented boys have advanced from these classes to the Institute’s special training classes. The students often form tight groups that come back year after year to continue this versatile and inspiring hobby.

2017-18 CLASSES

Intermediates 1

Class code Day Time Studio Teacher Duration Age Start date  
17390 Tu18:30KAMP3EL60 min9-11 v.15.8.2017